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“Al Castello da Bello” Restaurant

“Al Castello da Bello”, located in the village of Perlat, Durrës is a wellknown restaurant for the excellent food and the picturesque view it offers. The restaurant is located in a privileged position, as it is only 3 minutes away from the beach of Lalzi Bay, offering an exceptional gastronomic experience. The environment that “Al Castello da Bello” offers is quite beautiful and modern in the middle of green nature, offering a panoramic and relaxing view for all visitors. Also, “Al Castello da Bello” offers different varieties of wines, where the home-made wine dominates.

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Rr. Hamallaj Perlat/ Durrës 2000

+355 69 601 5588

+355 69 344 4413

Al Castello da Bello