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Apiterapi Natyra

Apiterapi Natyra is a special place where you can undergo bee therapy.

Apitherapy is an intensive therapy that uses products directly derived from bees through a similar inhalation system as aerosol. It is used to treat diseases and their symptoms, as well as pain from acute and chronic injuries, naturally and without side effects. Apitherapy involves the use of naturally created products from bees such as bee venom, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and honey. The diseases that can be treated with apitherapy include asthma, allergies, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, infections, herpes, etc. The injuries that can be treated with apitherapy include wounds, various body pains, headaches, burns, tendonitis, etc.

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Lekaj, Rrogozhine

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Apiterapi natyra