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Winery “Bello”

Bello Winery originated around the 70s-80s. Its vineyards span across a territory of 7 hectares divided into 7 zones, producing varieties such as Merlot, Shesh i bardhë, Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Nacional, and Malbec.
Since 2010, Bello wines have undergone fermentation using the Ganimede method, making them the pioneers in Albania in offering a final product that is natural and without preservatives. Among them, the Carmenere variety stands out, taken from Durrës and sent to Bordeaux. Carmenere is an indigenous variety of our country that had been lost for years and was reintroduced with dedication by Bello Winery. In recent years, the winery has resized its territory with the desire to develop new varieties with resistant grapes (PIWI), such as Cabernet Volos, Merlot Thorus, and Tocai Soreli. Its products are proudly exported to Western countries such as Italy, England, and the Netherlands.

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Perlati, Durrës, Albania

+355 68 223 4378 

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Kantina Bello