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Winery “Abaia”

Abaia Winery, built inside two bunkers from the communist era, started its operations in 2021 with its first wine production. The focus of the winery is the identification and cultivation of indigenous grape varieties and highlighting the potential of these indigenous varieties for producing a unique wine. The winery produces three wine labels (white, red, Sangiovese) and two types of brandy: traditional brandy and aged grape brandy in French oak barrels.

Starting from 2022, Abaia Winery offers wine tours with a guide inside a bunker, allowing visitors to get a closer look at the cultivation methods, the wine production process, and the aging of the wine, as well as tasting it. Since March 2023, the winery also provides restaurant service, where guests can enjoy authentic local cuisine paired uniquely with the wines produced by the winery.

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Fshati Arapaj, Rrashbull, Durrës 2021


+355 68 890 0160