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Winery “Duka”

Duka wine production starts from the Duka land and vineyard, where a 5.5-hectare vineyard was established in 2004 in the shape of an amphitheater rising above Lake Topana, overlooking the Adriatic Sea at its highest point. This agricultural and engineering masterpiece, with its beautiful landscape, transforms from a wine-producing home into an attractive destination. The Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo cultivars are organically grown in the winery’s vineyard, where single-varietal wines are produced, as well as the Duka Reserva Superiore.

The latter is a blend of three red varieties aged in French oak barrels. In the Duka winery, authentic wines represented by the indigenous white grape variety of Albania, Shesh i Bardhë, are also not to be missed. Adding to the range of products is Grandfather’s Rakia, a traditional Albanian distillate. Duka Winery offers services such as wine tours and tastings, accompanied by a rich menu of dishes, as well as kayaking or boat rides on Lake Topana.

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