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“Marigo“Souvenirs & Gifts Shop

“Marigo” is the name of the girl who sewed the first Albanian flag when Albania declared its independence in 1912, and it is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a beautiful souvenir from Durrës and beyond. This artisan shop offers a variety of souvenirs and gifts for everyone, and our vision is to be the most delightful destination in Durrës for travelers seeking authentic gifts to take home. Most of our products are specially crafted in Albania, and for many years, “Marigo” has been regarded as one of the most renowned souvenir shops in the city of Durrës. In addition to the wide range of products in the store, customers can also place personalized orders, ranging from jewelry, keychains, and rings to blouses with national motifs, bags, and more.

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Bulevardi Epidamn, Durrës, Albania

+355 68 332 1101 neradakulla@gmail.com


Marigo Souvenirs & Gifts Shop