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Dallandyshe Tabaku (Artisan)

For the first time, after a twenty-year experience in artisanal work, Dallendryshe Tabaku and her family dared to experiment in creating something practical, unique, and accessible to people of all ages and foreign tourists who have difficulty purchasing handmade products. The continuous effort has been to produce artisanal items of different sizes and weights, providing the opportunity for all visitors to the store to buy something, regardless of the distance traveled. In the store, in addition to purchasing the products, visitors can also see how they are crafted, turning their originality into one of the highlights.

“Artisans Tabaku“ is branded by Progress Foundation, under EU4Culture program funded by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS Albania in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

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Pazari i vjeter i Krujës

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Photo credits: Progress Foundation