3E Cultural Routes

Ndriçim Guni (Artisan)

Ndriçim Guni is the artisan who through his passion and desire has inherited the tradition for almost five generations. “Qeleshepunues Hyseni” is the workshop that has been located in Kruja Bazaar and bears the name of Ndriçimi’s father. “Qeleshe” craftsmen in Kruja zealously preserve the tradition of making “qeleshe” (traditional Albanian hats) or papuçe (slippers), also known as “opinga”, by using the technique of wool processing and the art of

“Qeleshëpunues Hyseni“ is branded by Progress Foundation, under EU4Culture program funded by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS Albania in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

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Pazari i vjetër i Krujës

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