3E Cultural Routes

The Aleksandër Moisiu

The ethnographic museum is located near the Amphitheater of Durrës and is a characteristic civic building of Durrës, built in the second half of the 19th century, where the harmony between stone and wood stands out. The special feature of this building is that it serves not only as the Ethnography Museum, but it is also the house museum of the world famous actor of the last century, Aleksandër Moisiu, where he spent his childhood. He completed the primary school in Durrës and then his family moved abroad. For this reason, in 1928 he wrote his memoirs in sketch form entitled “Childhood Dream”.

This house with special architectural values, declared a cultural monument, preserves the heritage of the great Albanian actor Aleksandër Moisiu, as well as the cultural and ethnographic heritage of the city. In three exhibition rooms, the artisan values of the city of Durrës and its surroundings are presented and numerous evidences of popular culture are preserved, starting from folk costumes, women’s ornaments, minders, the way of organizing the rooms, the food table with the typical dishes of the time, embroideries, etc. Two of the museum’s spaces are dedicated to the life and work of Aleksandër Moisiu, a world-famous actor who left his mark on the European performing arts scene.