3E Cultural Routes

The bridge of Kurcajt

The Kurcaj Bridge is located in the south of Kruja, at the entrance to the village with the same name. The Kurcaj bridge served the short caravan route Tirana-Krujë according to this itinerary: Tirana-Zall Herr- Rradhesh-Mukaj-Buronjë-Kurçaj- Barkanesh-Krujë. It was built in the XVIII century. On the front sides, it is made of black flagstones placed horizontally, while the cobblestone is made with layers, type of stairs. These layers rise above the cobblestone base about 10-15 cm and extend every 100-120 cm. The lower part of the bridge is made in the form of a vault. In the heels of the great vault, the holes of the lower beams of the archs are preserved. Nearby, you can also visit the canyon of the Black River, which offers a stunning view, as well as the Black Gorge, one of the rare natural monuments. Evidence preserved for 500 years in this area is the medieval cobblestone, the traces of which are easily seen even today.

This monument is part of the sites restored by the EU4Culture program, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS in close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.


Photo copyright: EU4Culture Program