3E Cultural Routes

The National Museum of GjergjKastrioti Skanderbeg

The Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu National Museum, also known as the Skanderbeg Museum and the Kruja Museum, is one of the most visited in Albania. It was built in the early 80s of the XX century. It is a memorial museum and architecturally treated as an Albanian tower. This museum is dedicated to the Albanian resistance against the Ottoman occupation in the XV century and here are exhibited many original objects, documents, and bibliographies, authentic
reproductions that testify the history of the Albanian people in the XV century and beyond.

The museum complex is divided into several spaces chronologically according to the events: the pavilion of antiquity and the early Middle Ages, the pavilion of the Albanian principalities, the Ottoman occupation and the resistance to this occupation, the pavilion of medieval castles, the Albanian resistance, Skenderbeu’s chancellery, library, hall of the princes, the pinacotheca and finally, the heritage pavilion.