3E Cultural Routes

Agro-tourism “Kodra e Kuajve”

Kodra e Kuajve is not a typical farm but has a strong connection to agrotourism, and not just because of the horses. The restaurant offers traditional Albanian cuisine and has a close collaboration with local villagers from Dedej. All primary ingredients, such as meat, milk, cheese, eggs, as well as vegetables, honey, and fruits served to regular customers, are sourced from them. Within the Agrotourism “Kodra e Kuajve,” there is a stable with 15 horses of different breeds, which are used for horseback riding, as well as a manege serving the same purpose. Visitors and customers can enjoy a horse
ride in an area surrounded by the restaurant’s premises. Young children are accompanied throughout the ride by an instructor, an expert in the field of horseback riding. The wine cellar is a complementary space to the restaurant,
where local and foreign wines dominate.

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Shkembi Kavajes, 
Durrës, Albania


+355 69 609 0080


www.kodrakuajve.comkodrakuajve Kodra e Kuajve