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Agro-tourism “Vinea”

Vinea Agrotourism is a farm built upon the concept of diversifying the services of the “Skënderbeu Durrës” winery. This venture was born and inspired by the “Slow Food” movement to complement the products of the Skënderbeu winery. The farm is surrounded by gentle hillsides with a crown of 45 hectares of vineyards, and their production is processed in the farm’s winery, bringing to the restaurant table a high-quality wine dedicated exclusively to our guests.
At the farm, you will find recreational activities such as hiking, an equestrian trail, farm tours to discover the vine varieties, livestock stables, farm product tastings, participation in seasonal harvests, dedicated play areas for children, and other experiences waiting to be discovered.

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Vinea Hotel&Spa, Shkallnur, Albania

+355 69 205 5599


vinea_resort_spa Vinea Resort&Spa