3E Cultural Routes

Clock tower in Kavaja

The Clock Tower was built in 1817 by Ibrahim Bey Alltuni, next to Moscque Kubelie. The tower served as a clock as a sundial and as a mechanical clock. According to tradition, The tower was built over three years by the Sinami brothers
from the village of Bardhore.
Initially, it did not have a field for the clockwise, but it functioned with sound. The mechanism for this happening on the top floor of the tower. The sundial was measured only on the western face, where there was a circular white stone slab.
According to the seasons of the year, at noon, when the sun’s rays entered the hole in the center of the circular
white stone, it was noon, which served as a sign for closing the shops, eating lunch, and saying the noon
prayer. In 1931, the clock face timing mechanism was introduced.