3E Cultural Routes

The ancient town of Zig Xhafa

The small town of Zig Xhafaj is located 4 km northeast of Kavaja. Traces of the surrounding walls showthat the fortification had a surface that varied from 2.5ha to 4ha. Inside the surrounding wall are traces of houses with tiled roofs. Inside the town, a large number of luxury ceramics with black varnish and IV century BC, were produced in Dyrrah. Ceramics date the birth of fortification to the IV century BC., and at the same time shows the good economic level of this center.

The EPIDAMNOS stamps of the state workshops on the tiles and bricks show the ancient town of Zig Xhafaj
as an integral part of the military and economic system of Durrës (Dyrrah). Life in this center continued until the II century BC, when a devastating fire violently ends its existence.