3E Cultural Routes

Kubelie Mosque

The Kubelie Mosque stood in the central part of the market and together with the Clock Tower and the Portico in front of the mosque, it was a central element in the urban formulation of the city.

Although it was under state protection, the mosque was demolished by the communist regime in 1967 during the
war against religion. The mosque had a prayer hall, portico and minaret. The Portico, which was not destroyed, consisted of twelve columns of one piece of stone, crowned by capitals similar to those of the Corinthian style, which suggest a Western influence on the builders.

Above the capitals rose arches of carved stones, decorated on the surface with plant motifs, carved in low relief. The prayer hall was square, with plan dimensions of 8.60 x 8.56 m and covered with a dome over the trumpets in the corners. On the southern wall was the semicircular mihrab covered with stalactites.