3E Cultural Routes

Ethnographic museum in Kruja

The Ethnographic Museum is located in the Toptani family’s house, beylers from Kruja. The Head of this family is mentioned as an artilleryman in Istanbul, which is why he named the family with the surname Topçiu. This house built in 1764 by Kapllan bey Toptani, is a twostory dwelling with an attic. It served as a private residence of the family,while the space where guests were welcomed and ceremonies were held, was located a little further, to the north of it. The objects presented in the indoor and outdoor premises show about the lifestyle and traditions starting  from 300 years ago. There are objects made of ceramics, wood, stone, iron, cotton, silk, wool, various embroideries, which testify the crafts practiced in Krujë and throughout Albania. 90 percent of the objects of this museum are original and functional. The lifespan of these objects varies from 60-70 to 500 years old. The Ethnographic Museum of Kruja was inaugurated on November 20, 1989. Some of the rooms are decorated with paintings with floral and human motifs.

This monument is part of the sites restored by the EU4Culture program, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS in close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.

Photo credits: EU4Culture Program