3E Cultural Routes

The footprint of Sari Salltik

Sari Salltik is otherwise known as the “Saint with many graves”, and one of them is said to be found in the church of Saint Naum, in the Lake Ohrid. This is also supported by the Moroccan geographer Ibn Battuta (1304-1377), who claimed that in each of the graves, there are parts of the martyr’s body. The Teke where the footprint of the saint is located, is also called the Teke of “Haxhi Shajni”, or otherwise also the “Footprint of the Saint”, a holy object of the Bektashi Order. Is is located a few kilometers before entering the town of Kruja, where many tourists, but also people who do not belong to this religion, go for pilgrimage or curiosity to this place. In 1967, the Teke was wiped off the face of the earth, and the footprint inside, was covered to be reopened again in 1992.