3E Cultural Routes

Tekke of Sari Salltik

The Tekke of Sari Salltik is built in honor of Sari Salltik Muhammed Buhari, a disciple of Haxhi Bektash Veli, the founder of the Bektashi Order. The first legends related to Sari Salltik were transmitted by the Moroccan traveler and geographer Ibn Battuta (1304-1377). It is also said that he was a student of the earliest Turkish poet, the Sufi mystic of the XII century Ahmad Yasawi, and Dervish in the court of Sultan Orhan (1326- 1360). The shrine of Sari Salltik is located in a cave not far from where the road to Kruja Mountain ends. From here, steep steps lead to the platform where the statue of Sari Salltik is located, in front of which is a metal structure with chains and hooks for animal sacrifice. At the far end is a tap with an aries head. Inside the cave is a small hexagonal temple and the tomb of Sari Salltik, alongside the tombs of other prominent religious figures of the area. The stairs continue deep into the cave, at the bottom of which are candles lit by devotees and cups of coffee.

In 1967, the communist regime, along with other cult monuments, destroyed the Teke, but in 1991 it was rebuilt. Sari Salltiku tekke is the second largest pilgrimage in Albania visited by pilgrims, citizens, and tourists of
all religious beliefs. The peak of the pilgrimage season takes place from August 14th to September 14th.