3E Cultural Routes

Tekke of Dollmë

Photo credits: Dorian Mahmutaj

Dollma Tekke is located at the southern end of Kruja Castle. It is also known as Tekke of Haxhi Mustafa Baba and it was surrounded with 360 sacred tombs. The tekke was built in the year Hijri 1193 (1779–1780) by Adem Aga Toptani, whose tomb is located in the vicinity of the Tekke.
In the category of Islamic Shrines it represents the small, monumental domed type. The northwestern fasade is composed of a stone wall laid in an irregular fashion. The interior is illuminated by twelve windows, three of which are walled in. Most of the interior is painted in two different phases: The first phase, 1779 is when the mihrab, the side niches and the surface between them are painted. The second phase, 1807, is when the dome, trompet and walls are painted.

In front of the Tekke’s doors, on the sacred ground, there is a 500-year-old olive tree, which is thought to have been planted on the Skanderbeg’s wedding day.