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“Hani i Çetës” Restaurant

“Hani i Çetës” started its operations in June 2019 in the village of Çetë, which holds an important place in the history of the city of Kavajë. It combines the beautiful landscapes of olive-covered hills, the unique “Shën e Premte” Church, and the generous hospitality of the local residents. The cuisine of “Hani i Çetës” encompasses a wide selection of traditional Albanian dishes, including renowned fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. The dishes are carefully prepared using only organic and traditional ingredients, offering consumers an authentic taste experience. The service style at “Hani i Çetës” is highly regarded for its professionalism and the attentive care provided by the dedicated staff.
The combination of delicious food with an inviting atmosphere and picturesque panoramic views from every corner provides an unforgettable experience.

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Çetë, Kavajë, Albania

+355 69 361 7324Haniicetes@gmail.com


Hani i Çetës