3E Cultural Routes

“Kostrista” Family (Artisan)

The Kostrista family has inherited the tradition of working with clay in Albania for 5 generations. By the mid-nineteenth century, it kept this ancient skill alive with dedication and passion. For the preparation of clay vessels, firstly the clay is prepared and given the right shape, taking care not to lose elasticity. Different techniques are then combined to keep the clay in the center of the lathe, otherwise it is impossible to work. When it comes to using tools like a lathe, it is required special care, because you have to combine your hands with the steering wheel, you shouldn’t shake it when you lift it because it loosens up a lot and can break. After the vessel is made, it should be kept away from direct sunlight for a while. So, it must be dried in an indoor environment and after this process it goes to the next one, the baking system in the oven, which is the last in the preparation of this product.

“Kostrista“ is branded Urban Research Institute (URI), under EU4Culture program funded by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS Albania in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

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Rr. Azem Teferiçi, Kavajë

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Photo credits: EU4Culture Program