3E Cultural Routes

The Venetian Tower

The Venetian Tower (Torra), was built in the century XV on the Byzantine tower. It is part of the Byzantine fortress of Durrës, which was considered one of the most powerful fortresses on the western coast of the Adriatic Sea.
The plinth, in the shape of a log cone, is filled with soil on the inside, while on top it is paved with stone slabs, thus creating the floor of the tower’s only floor.

The tower has a diameter of 16 m and a height of 9 m. The walls have a thickness of 3.7 m and are reinforced with wooden bands. The top perimeter is closed with blinds. The tower is entered through an arched brick gate. The single hall of the tower is lit by 5 large cannon turrets and has 3 alcoves. This proves once again that the tower was actually built specifically for artillery that protected the city from the sea and served as a key observation point for the surrounding area.

*This monument is part of the sites restored by the EU4Culture program, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS in close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.