3E Cultural Routes

The Fatih Mosque

The Fatih Mosque in Durrës, also known as the Little Mosque or the Old Mosque, was built on the ruins of
a medieval basilica. The basilica had three naves and was 19 m wide, while its length is unknown. Its first phase dates back to the century XI, while the second phase in the century XIII. The walls of this phase were made of stone blocks surrounded by a brick frame.

The Fatih Mosque was built immediately after the conquest of Durrës by Evrenos Mehmed Bey, around the years 1502-1503, and at the same time as the defensive works that reduced the perimeter of the fortress. The mosque consists of the prayer hall, the later Hayat, and the minaret with elegant proportions. The prayer hall is covered with a wooden ceiling and has a brick floor. The prayer hall is lit by seven wide and tall windows covered with a circular arch. In the center, it has a strong wooden pole, which supports the whole structure of the roof. On the southern side of the hall is the mihrab, a semicircular niche decorated with geometric motifs.